Private and confidential on-the-spot STI and HIV testing event for guys who like guys.
PRICK! is a on-the-spot testing event for all guys who like guys: bi, cis-gendered, curious, gay, trans-gendered, two-spirited, queer & questioning

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KELOWNA location:
Options for Sexual Health Clinic
#102 – 285 Aurora Crescent
– located at the corner of Hollywood Rd. and Aurora Crescent., just north of Hwy #33

Brought to you by:
Men’s Health Initiative, Options for Sexual Health Clinic, and Interior Health Outreach Nurses

Sponsored by:
Okanagan Pride, UBCO Pride Resource Centre, UBCSUO, Okanagan College Students Union, Fruitcake, and Peak Pride

What can you expect at a PRICK! testing event?
PRICK! in Kelowna operates out of the Options for Sexual Health public drop-in clinic that is regularly open for people of all ages, genders and orientations.

PRICK! events have a dedicated nurse on hand specifically trained for men’s sexual health needs .

It’s a small clinic – with a sandwich board outside saying ‘Opt’ (Options for Sexual Health) – follow that to the front door.

Guys can come into the clinic (on their own or with a friend), where they will be greeted by the front desk and will be asked if they are there for an appointment or drop-in – PRICK! guys can say there are there for the drop-in.

The receptionist will direct guys to sit in the waiting room – until a health professional is available for a preliminary consultation in a private room.

Guys can share as little or as much information as they feel comfortable with (you can use your given name, fake name or initials) – the main focus is to get guys tested. Questions about the tests available will be answered confidentially by the nurse.

Tests included are for chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis (A,B &C), HIV and syphilis.

From there guys will then proceed to another room where the requested tests can be conducted – most of these tests are simple and require a needle prick, self-collected urine sample or swab.

Depending on the test – results times vary and you will be able to either get them that night or in a follow-up.

A member of the Men’s Health Initiative will be around to answer any questions about MHI, our event/activities or to listen to your ideas and feedback about your experience or what you would like to see.

Opt parking lot     Opt front door     Opt secondary door     Private testing room at PRICK!     Opt Waiting Room

Will PRICK! continue on a regular basis?
PRICK! solely depends on having guys like you attend and use this service. Having increasing numbers of guys come to our PRICK! events helps us prove the need for it to continue and grow.

We would like to see this testing night be SOLELY for ‘guys who like guys’ – at the moment we don’t have the numbers to justify the health professional staff needed. For now, we are working to continue PRICK! on a regular basis.

We are also working towards having access to booking appointments in advance so that guys from out of town can be guaranteed a spot.


Will there be PRICK! events outside of Kelowna?
We sure hope so, this is a pilot project that we hope can eventually branch out to other communities in the Interior of BC.

If you are interested in trying to get one in your area, contact us so that we can brainstorm how to make that happen with our support & contacts. The MHI needs folks like you to be the contact person for your community’s needs.


How can YOU help PRICK! succeed and grow?
First step, come on out and check out our current PRICK! events – helps us increase our numbers and prove that there is a demand for testing services specific to the populations of ‘guys who like guys’

Volunteers are also needed. Having a friendly face at the door helps build a safe and supportive environment.The testing clinics aren’t necessarily a ‘social’ environment – honestly, they are quite sterile and clinical – so having a MHI volunteer to greet guys at the door is a vital part in making the testing experience less stressful and helps break any stigma of ‘needing’ to get tested.

Spreading the word. We need your help to let guys now that the PRICK! events are happening – that can be word of mouth, social media and even helping us get posters or hand-bills up in businesses – you might have some great connections or ideas on how we can do that. Please reach out and let us know.

We also would love to have male health practitioners – so if you know of any guys who are nurses or health practitioners, or are in school and taking a practicum – have them connect with us to get involved.

Contact to get involved